Hard Water Stains on auto glass

Hard water strains are like acne. It doesn’t make any difference if you have some or a ton, the embarrassment associated with them both is unmistakably strong.

Like acne, hard water strains go beyond being an aesthetic shame, as they also leave enduring scars. While their visually unappealing presence is the primary thing people tend to notice, the marring they leave behind is significantly more unappealing.

Vehicles washed with hard water often leave behind stubborn hard water strains on the glass and on the paint surface. These marks kill the vehicle’s look completely. A basic auto wash cannot help remove these stubborn spots easily.

At Detail Depot, we use special acidic chemicals to remove hard water strains, dirt marks, dead insect spots, tree sap etc., from your glass & paint surfaces.

We get hard water stains from sprinkler systems, and from acid rain. What happens is when water lands on your vehicle and starts to dry it leaves contaminates behind that start sink into your clear coat.

The longer they are on your vehicle the harder it is to remove. Hard water stains often look like they will come off with a car wash; unfortunately they need to be taken off by a Professional. Depending on how bad the water stains are, we may have to Machine Compound or Polish them out. If you notice it right away, we may be able to get them off with a cleaner wax. Bring your car in ASAP to have one of our Professionals evaluate your vehicle Today. Free Estimates.

Automotive Hard Water Spot Remover